Northwest Animal Eye Specialists

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Cameron is a Veterinary Receptionist who works full-time at our Kirkland location. They have their Veterinary Medication Clerk License and have 3 years of receptionist experience prior to joining NWAES in summer of 2020. They enjoy seeing our patients heal and improve over time and says that, while it is bittersweet to no longer see a client, they love knowing that their pet is doing well enough that they don’t need to come see us any longer. In addition to ophthalmology, Cameron takes an interest in animal psychology including behavioral issues and accommodations.

At home, Cameron has a 3-year-old Siamese cat named “Maurice” (AKA “Mr. Baby,” “Mr. Pee Paws,” “Maggot Man,” “Krampus,” “Kuzco,” “Light Of My Life,” etc.). They’ve had Maurice since he was just a kitten. Recently, Cameron adopted a sweeter-than-sugar 3-4-year-old terrier mix named “Good Sir Atticus.” They haven’t had him long, but he already has nicknames “Bubba” and “Winnie the Pooh.” Cameron was raised just down the road from NWAES in the heart of Kirkland. In their spare time, Cameron enjoys creating conlangs (constructed-languages), world building, and hopes to spend the next few years transforming their house into their home.


                                                                                       "Maurice"                                                                         "Good Sir Atticus"