Northwest Animal Eye Specialists

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Deanna was born and raised in Washington State. She has been in the field of veterinary medicine since 1994 and is a licensed veterinary technician. Deanna has been with Northwest Animal Eye Specialists since 2000. The hospital opened for business in 1999 so Deanna has been with the company since nearly the beginning! During her time with the company, her roles have included everything from receptionist to veterinary assistant to licensed veterinary technician to Human Resources Manager.  Needless to say, she is a great resource for our clients (and our staff) if there are questions, concerns, or problems. Within the field of veterinary ophthalmology, Deanna enjoys learning about ocular disease processes.

Deanna has many pets herself including the following: Aubree, who is a Shih Tzu. Some of the staff's own pets have had eye problems. Aubree had an eyelid surgery called medial canthoplasty in order to protect her prominent eyes. The surgery results in reducing the size of the eyelid openings. Deanna's other pets are her cats Xander , Fisty, and Sputty. Fisty is blind and actually had to have both eyes removed since there was no hope for vision and the eyes were painful. She is doing incredibly well. Her favorite pastimes are "looking" out the window and doors. 

Besides spending time with her pets, Deanna's other hobbies inlude cooking, gardening, and reading. She has a son named Chris and a daughter named Sarrah. She has 3 grandchildren: Coleman, Mason, and Mila.

Deanna's favorite color is purple and her favorite food is donuts!