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For procedures requiring sedation (e.g., testing day):
That morning, follow your normal routine. Feed your pet and give insulin as you normally would
On Surgery day (for general anesthesia):
No food after midnight the night before surgery.
No water after 7 am on surgery day.
DO NOT GIVE INSULIN THAT MORNING. Bring your pet's insulin (kept cool), a small amount of your pet's regular food, and a couple of your insulin syringes with you on surgery day. Be sure to also give your current dosage at check in.

Later that night after surgery:
It is one of our goals to minimize the impact of general anesthesia on your pet's diabetes. If your pet does not eat, it is not necessarily safe to give insulin. If your pet will not eat the normal amount at dinner, a full insulin dose might create a low blood sugar problem. If you have trouble that night, please page either our doctor or your regular vet. If your pet is awake and alert enough to eat a full meal, let him or her have it so that you can give insulin as you normally would.