Northwest Animal Eye Specialists

13020 NE 85th Street
Kirkland, WA 98033



Kier started at Northwest Animal Eye Specialists in Spring of 2018 and is one of the receptionists at our Kirkland location. This is her first time working in the veterinary field, but she quickly obtained her Veterinary Medication Clerk licensure. She loves seeing everyone’s cute pets throughout the day and takes great interest in the science aspect of veterinary medicine. She is fascinated by any kind of surgery and wants to learn more about veterinary cardiology and neurology. She says it is so easy to give it her all when she’s working with the health of an animal!

At home, Kier has what she affectionately refers to as 3 “punk” cats – Jasper, Loki, and Ham Sandwich. She also has 5 rats – Jupiter, Pippin, Taako, Pringles, and Dipper! In her spare time, Kier loves to read and write a lot and she travels as often as possible.