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Meet Penny!

Penny came to us at Northwest Animal Eye Specialists for cataract evaluation in January of 2006. Dr. Jones confirmed the presence of cataracts in both eyes. Penny was not quite 2 years old at the time. Penny had been part of a breeding program but Dr. Jones advised against using her for breeding due to the likely inherited basis for Penny's cataracts. Penny therefore needed a home and we were happy to take her in "temporarily". To make a long story short, Penny was adopted by one of our staff and has become a life-long friend of NWAES!

The cataract in Penny's left eye was initially the smaller one but it suddenly rapidly progressed in July of 2006. She had a prophylactic retinopexy surgery to try to prevent her retina from detaching. The cataract was removed on August 1, 2006 and replaced with an artificial lens. She has a partial cataract in her right eye but surgery has not been done on that eye as it also has a partial retinal detachment. We considered doing both cataract surgery and retinal reattachment surgery on the eye. But since she is doing so well with excellent vision from her left eye and partial vision from her right eye, we did not feel that the risks were warranted in her case. The retinal detachment really complicated the situation.

In order to detect inherited eye diseases in dogs prior to using them for breeding, it is recommended that a screening eye examination be done. These exams are referred to as OFA exams, which stands for Orthopedic Foundation for Animals. Read more about OFA exams within this website by clicking on "About Us" and then "OFA exams". In the OFA section of this website, there is a link to OFA where you can read even more.