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Meet Simba!

Simba has been a friend of Northwest Animal Eye Specialists since September of 2004. When we first met her, she was 10 years old and had been developing a cataract in her left eye for about 1 year. Fortunately, cataract surgery is a great option for dogs. (Read more about cataracts and cataract surgery in the Eye Diseases section of this website.)
Lucky for Simba she has a great Mom who made the decision for her to get cataract surgery. First Simba had some testing done on her retinas to make sure that their function was good. She passed all of her tests so Simba had cataract surgery on her left eye in November of 2004. Her surgery was a great success and her vision returned.
By July of 2006, Simba had developed a cataract in her right eye severe enough to require surgery. That cataract was removed in August of 2006. Both of Simba's eyes have artificial lenses. Surgery is done similarly to how it is done on people using the technique called phacoemulsification. This technique allows small-incision surgery. One of the hardest parts of the recovery is the need to wear an Elizabethan collar for a few weeks afterwards!
We think Simba is adorable and that her best feature (besides her eyes of course) is her ears. Check them out in the photo of her!
We never got pictures of Simba's cataracts to share with you but we can show you an example of a cataract from a different dog. Looking at the photo, you can really tell how severely a cataract can affect vision. There is no way to see through something so opaque and dense. We are glad to be here to offer cataract surgery to pets. It is very rewarding to everybody involved. We frequently hear the comment after surgery, "She is acting like a puppy again."
If you have any questions about cataracts or cataract surgery, please feel free to call or email us for more information.