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"Hi! I'm helping foster animals for lsar, and a kitten I have turned out to have ocular herpes and one of my own cats got an infection in one eye. I was freaking out, but thanks to your site, I read about it. And it definitely calmed me down. Thank you so much for having that information available!"


"Thank you for posting such detailed information. My dog is currently having surgery on her eye for lens luxation. I have learned a lot from your website."


"Simba has had the best eye care regarding her 2 cataracts (one in 2004 and the other in 2006). Dr. Jones has maintained exceptional care and check-ups annually. Dr. Jones was highly recommended by my vet. I know if I have any questions or concerns I can contact her and if necessary go to the office. She has a great staff and Simba and I enjoy seeing all of them when we go for a check-up. Besides Mom likes the coffee and cookies. I highly recommend Northwest Eye Specialists to anyone who is looking for an exceptional eye clinic and doctor for their pet. Dr. Jones is the greatest."


"I can't thank you all enough for taking such good care of Katmai. You are all SO wonderful, kind and skilled which helped make Katmai's experience so successful. Katmai can see now thanks to all of you! Katmai is healing well and just had a good check-up with our local Alaska veterinarian. I am attaching a few pictures of Katmai after the surgery showing that yes, he can truly see now. And, it appears that Katmai really appreciates art! Thanks again.


"Friendly, informative, and caring."


"This group is amazing on so many levels. I wish they could be my regular vet but alas they are eye specialists only. My dog had a small tumor removed from her lower eyelid and they did a beautiful job. They were so good with my pooch prior to surgery. She was so scared and the entire staff was so sweet to her, petting her, and reassuring her the whole time. You can tell they love animals and went out of their way to answer questions and be gentle and compassionate with my dog. They're exceptionally organized and the office has a cheerful feel. I would trust them implicitly with any eye-related issue in the future. Stacy J."


"What a great, responsive, people/dog-oriented practice you folks have. I've been very impressed."


"Everyone in the office is very nice and friendly. We were always seen in a timely manner. Amber"


"Thank you all for the wonderful service we received on our visit.  Everyone was so friendly and accommodating, professional and knowledgeable.  We were comforted and reassured. Linda"


"We are VERY happy with the results of the surgery and care and are very thankful for the way we are treated. I appreciated the explanations of meds and the schedule sheet that Misty prepared for us. We can tell our pet is so comfortable when visiting because he has never shown nervousness arriving at the office or even during the exams. Thank you for such wonderful tender care."


"I have been to a lot of veterinary specialists with my dog over the last 12 years and I have to say I was very impressed by your clinic, your treatment of my dog, and that you were accomodating with my two small children. I would highly recommend your office. Thanks for the great service."


"The service that we received was absolutely amazing. All the staff at NWAES were so nice and caring to my dog that he didn't want to leave! I would recommend them to everyone and anyone I know. Best vet care and service I have ever received. The prices were more than fair considering all that had to be done with my dog...not only did they help him recover from a gross eye injury they also doubled as doggie day care so that I could go to work and not have to worry about how my dog was going to receive medications throughout the day... the office really went above and beyond what I expected any vet office should do."


"Outstanding service and caring attention to my pet and to us - an amazing operation! They understood our emotions and trauma with our sick cat and were more than comforting - I cannot praise them enough!"


"I wanted to follow up with a personal email to you and send a picture of Littlebear with 2 BEAUTIFUL AND HAPPY EYES - thanks to you and the care that the staff gave him!! It was an aggressive treatment plan that required us humans to treat him every 3 hours day and night, just like having a baby all over again. Both our kids were involved in the treatment plan and would get up at all hours with me to help Littlebear. He was new to our family right before the injury so it was a strong bonding experience for all of us. However, he still chases the cat! Thank you so much; you can always count on us for a referral.   -Barbara"


"Wonderful customer service and the attention to my dog was incredible. You guys were great!"


"I was over-the-top impressed with the service I received during my appointment. Everyone was friendly and professional and made sure my dog was comfortable. I wish I could use this animal hospital for all of my veterinary care! Thank you so much! Nicole"


"In the course of a single day in November 2007, our Jack Russell Terrier, Maxx, went from having a slight eye squint in the afternoon to being virtually blind by 10 PM. Before Maxx was seen that night by an emergency veterinarian, I didn't know dogs could develop glaucoma or that there were eye specialists for our furry family members. Since an emergency consultation that next morning at 2 AM, Maxx has been under the exceptional care of Dr. Victoria Jones and her staff at Northwest Animal Eye Specialists. To say that Maxx has been a challenging case would be an understatement. Every step of the way, Dr. Jones and her team have worked hard to give Maxx the very best care and despite the challenges we've dealt with, Maxx still has her sight. This is in no small part due to all of the members of this highly skilled and experienced veterinary team, each of whom exhibit a high level of professionalism and a caring nature. I've been truly impressed with Northwest Animal Eye Specialist's state-of-the-art facility and knowledge of cutting-edge practices. Also importantly, the partnership they have created with us and our primary veterinarian has allowed us to make educated decisions about treatment options and provide effective ongoing care for Maxx.
These are the things most pet owners want to hear about the veterinarian they entrust their pet's health to but Northwest Animal Eye Specialists has offered even more than excellent veterinary care. From the gentle way Michele holds Maxx during an exam, to the kennel that's always warm and ready with Maxx's own bed, to the many empathetic and patient conversations, to the squeaky toy Maxx found comfort and joy in after some trying times, Northwest Animal Eye Specialists has exceeded our expectations in every way."


"Rena has a 'bluey'". Never in my worst nightmare would I suspect that those words would mark the beginning of a journey to deep loss. Our 2.5 year old Labrador Retriever, Rena, was showing the effects of undiagnosed amelanotic melanoma in her left eye but all we knew was that she needed immediate special care. Northwest Animal Eye Specialists came recommended by our regular veterinarian and from the moment I walked into the office, I knew we would be in great hands. The compassion and care Rena and our family received throughout her illness were unsurpassed. From a myriad of tests, referrals to other specialists, emergency assistance on nights and weekends - Dr. Vickie and her caring staff did everything they could to diagnose and treat Rena's eye. They were there for us 24/7. We tried every avenue to save Rena's eye but, in the end, the only option left was removal. This was a most traumatic decision for all of us as Rena was a hunting Retriever and depended on binocular sight. After Dr. Vickie removed Rena's eye she sent it to a specialist in Wisconsin for analysis and it was then we learned about the melanoma - a very rare form. Unfortunately, the cancer had spread to the rest of Rena's body but she had three great months of loving life and us before we had to say goodbye. I cannot express fully my deep and abiding gratitude for the excellent medical advice and treatment we received from Dr. Vickie and her competent staff. I have deep respect for Dr. Vickie's medical knowledge and technical expertise but her greatest gift was the compassion and personal care she gave freely and sincerely to both Rena and our family throughout Rena's illness. This care is the hallmark of NW Animal Eye Specialists. Sincerely, Jean Fowler"


"Fancy and I very much enjoyed meeting your team at the Northwest Animal Eye Specialists office on Saturday. I was very impressed with the kindness that your staff handled my pet and I.  It's so refreshing to have such a nice support system when dealing with something as sensitive as our "child's" eye sight.  Lindsay"


"I just wanted to send a quick note to thank Dr. Jones and her staff for the excellent care and service we received at your clinic. It is apparent that you all love what you do and the quality of care you provided my dog Maile and myself was much appreciated! Thank you also for the follow up call and letter addressing Maile's future needs. Jenifer Stender"


"We could not be more pleased with the results of Bella's cataract surgery. Her sight was almost entirely gone, and now she can see again. Bella is a thirteen year-old Jack Russell Terrier, in excellent health otherwise. Her cataracts had developed over a long period of time, but she seemed able to see well until a few months ago when her vision dropped rather suddenly. The doctor's examination in May, 2011 indicated a good outcome for the left eye but questionable for the right. With her concurrence, we elected to have both of Bella's eyes done and the result was just amazing. Bella's personality had changed as her sight diminished, and almost immediately after surgery she was back to being a typical JRT: curious about everything and telling us about most of it. We are so glad to have her back, and seeing with both eyes."


Here are some of the lovely comments we received from our Survey Monkey survey:

I was very happy with the visit. I can tell that everyone there loves animals very much. Thank you.

The front desk staff, along with the rest of the staff, were very nice and helpful in every way possible. I know that when there, Ming is in good hands.

My regular vet referred me to you and I'm glad she did. Everyone was wonderful and put both my dog and me at ease.

I was very pleased with the doctor, the staff, and the clinic in general. I felt like all had true compassion and a love for animals. Plenty of time was taken with us for explanations. I was impressed!

I love this practice! They are all kind, caring, and knowledgeable. I just wish I could take my pet there for everything.

I followed all the instructions that Dr. Jones gave me and my pet recovered wonderfully and is doing exceptionally well.

Dr. Jones was present and professional. Thank you for your excellent care with our Pug Frida.

Your support staff is excellent. Misty was always quick to get a response to my questions I had and the email on Saturday (the day after surgery) was a complete surprise. I didn't expect to hear from anyone until Monday but I waws so relieved to hear someone was checking up on us sooner than that. I would highly recommend your clinic to anyone.

Dr. Jones was great.

I was glad I was referred to you and feel as though you will take good care of Oliver before, during, and after surgery.

You took good care of our pet's eye condition which was causing her a lot of pain and discomfort. We left with her 100% better! She looks great and feels good. Thank you!

I cannot thank you enough for your caring for my pet. If he or his big sister have any eye issues, we are coming back. I loved it when the front desk person was on the intercom and announced that "Sage's people are here". I knew I was in the right place! I was so thankful you were able to get us in so quickly. Thanks for those "same day" appointments...

We have been really pleased with the services provided and the way everyone has worked with us and our dog in a professional yet comforting way.

Keri was really wonderful with my cat!!

Dr. Jones was recommended to us and her care and knowledge were beyond our expectations.

Delighted with all aspects of the care. Thank you!

I am extremely grateful to the care you provided Scooter. Everyone I had contact with was very friendly and cautious. So thank you everyone.

Everyone at your hospital was friendly, helpful, and just fabulous in general. We really appreciate everything you did to help our dog. He is comfortable, happy, and playful now. We couldn't ask for more!

I cannot overstate how pleased I was with the care my dog and I both got from the staff. While his SARDS diagnosis was hard to take, every single person I dealt with was extraordinarily kind, sympathetic, helpful, and knowledgable. I have supreme confidence in Dr. Jones and the staff and will recommend every chance I get.

Received excellent care and treatment for my pooch!!

Absolutely wonderful service. Exceptionally clean, well staffed, kind and caring staff.

I made an appointment late Friday afternoon after having taken my dog to our local vet in Yakima and they were unable to diagnose what was wrong with her. You were willing and able to squeeze her in on Saturday and I cannot express how grateful i am that I didn't have to wait all weekend to find out what was wrong with her (SARDS). Thank you for all you did for us!!

The specialists came with high recommendations from my vet, and responded quickly to the need for my dog to be examined and undergo surgery. I felt that staff was caring and professional. I so appreciated the loving touch of a creatively-decorated E-collar when I picked up my sweet LadyBug after surgery!

Thanks for doing a great job. The staff were all helpful, pleasant, and I would recommend your office to anyone looking for an animal eye specialist.

They made a very difficult time easier with caring and preparation. They gave us prepared color-coded charts for medications, which really helped us keep things straight when we were so tired from giving round-the-clock eye drops. And they are so compassionate it made me cry sometimes. I was so tired and they cared so much. Our little guy is happy and well-adjusted with his one eye and he LOVES the staff. His tail starts wagging when we pull into the parking lot! He cannot wait to see his nurse and doctor friends.

We felt that this hospital, doctors, and staff were so incredibly professional and comforting. We would definitely use them again and highly recommend them to anyone. If it were available, I would have checked off every box in your question #2 in the survey - this is what this hospital provides! Thank you so much.

This was an emergency situation and the hospital responded quickly to save my pet's eye. Thank you to the whole staff.

I wish my doctor's office was as efficient. From the front desk staff to the timing of the doctor, everything was excellent. Everyone was very kind and loving to our cat. We would recommend your services to anyone. The coffee was great too!

I was enormously grateful that the doctor was able to remove Bosco's eyelid growth without general anesthesia. Given his age, it was a big concern for me. He has healed wonderfully and has a much better quality of life as a result. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

I loved the care of all involved with taking care of Tucker. Thank you.

A kind note from one of our referring veterinarians: I want to acknowledge what a wonderful practice you guys have. You have great communication, understanding, and care. Thank you!