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Yesterday and Today
In loving memory of Crosbie Woodstock-by Doug Woods

Our vigil it is over now,
We've laid our friend to rest.
His last days at our feet perhaps,
may have been our very best.
For many nights to lend a hand
beside his bed we've slept.
To provide him with familiar scents
his love and trust we kept.
He'd stumble blindly day and night
Each day would show him worse.
We'll never regret the days we spent
beside him as his nurse.
His tail had lost its cheerful wag
his recognition came quite slow.
His love and faithful loyalty
t'was an effort for him to show.
Yesterday, came too soon
a sadder day we'll never see.
In the sunshine and a familiar place
we helped to set him free.
Today we're feeling at a loss
As I thought we'd probably be.
I'd hoped it would have brought a sign
he's running happy and free.
He left with us a legacy
Of memories, joy and love.
I think just now he sent that sign
that he's dancing up above.
He also sent a message
As he would, it was his bond.
"No longer mourn or weep for me
as I, you must move on."
"Rejoice in all the happiness
We've had these many years.
I've shed my pain and reside with pals
for me please, no more tears."
We'll honor our best friend's wishes
lighter hearts we hope it brings.
But today we can't stop mourning
or put away his precious things.