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Your pet has been prescribed medication that needs to be made at a special compounding pharmacy.  There are several different compounding pharmacies in the state, but not all of them can make ophthalmic medications.  To do that takes a sterile room called a "clean room" that has special equipment.

The compounding pharmacy that we choose to use is Bellevue Custom Prescriptions located in Bellevue.  We will call in your pet's medication as prescribed by the doctor and you can either pick the prescription up at their facility or they will be happy to mail your medication directly to you for no additional charge.  If you choose to have your medication mailed to you, you will need to call them with a credit card number.  They will NOT mail your medication to you without payment information.  Their address and phone number are as follows:

Bellevue Customs Prescriptions
1545 116th Ave NE, Suite 103
Bellevue, WA  98004

425-289-0347 Main
877-371-3661 Toll Free

If you have a compounding pharmacy other than Bellevue Custom Prescriptions that you have previously worked with, we will be more than happy to call your prescription in to them.  Please don't hesitate to ask if you have other questions about your medication.

Again, if you will be having your prescription mailed, you need to be in communication with the pharmacy before it will be sent.