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Meet Our Team

Our experienced team at Northwest Animal Eye Specialists is ready to help your pet with all their veterinary needs.

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Our Kirkland Team

Caitlin, Vet Assistant #1

Caitlin, Vet Assistant

Janeiah, Receptionist #1

Janeiah, Receptionist

Jen, Reception Supervisor #1

Jen, Reception Supervisor

Krista, Lead LVT #1

Krista, Lead LVT

Michelle, LVT #1

Michelle, LVT

Natalie, Vet Assistant #1

Natalie, Vet Assistant

Ronny, Receptionist #1

Ronny, Receptionist

Our Renton Team

Ashley, LVT #1

Ashley, LVT

Gina, LVT #1

Gina, LVT

Ka'Laisha, Receptionist #1

Ka'Laisha, Receptionist

Michelle, LVT #1

Michele, LVT

Reane, Reception Supervisor #1

Reane, Reception Supervisor

Ikea, Receptionist #1

Ikea, Receptionist

LaTonya, Receptionist #1

LaTonya, Receptionist

Katie, Assistant Manager #1

Katie, Assistant Manager

New Patients Welcome By Referral

Northwest Animal Eye Specialists is accepting new patients! Our experienced vets are passionate about the eye health of animals. Talk to your vet today about getting a referral to our Renton or Kirkland clinics.

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