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If you have been given this handout, it is because our doctor feels that we can supplement your pet's care by performing pressure checks (tonometry) in between full examinations. We would like to point out a few things in regards to these pressure checks:

  1. Pressure checks are intended to provide information in addition to, not instead of, that gained from a full examination by the doctor. Remember that glaucoma is more than just elevated pressure and a full assessment cannot be made based on tonometry readings alone.
  2. If your pet's problem has been controlled and all of a sudden vision or the appearance of the eye has changed, your pet will be better served having a complete eye examination (including tonometry) versus just having the pressure checked.
  3. The pressure check will be performed by one of our experienced assistants. You generally do not see a doctor for this sort of a visit.
  4. A doctor reviews the results on all pressure checks. The doctor looks at not just the absolute number but at trends over time.
  5. If the pressure is in the normal range, you will receive a follow-up phone call only if the doctor feels that an adjustment to the treatment plan is indicated.
  6. If the intraocular pressure is elevated, there is a good chance that you will be asked to leave your pet with us for an emergency evaluation and medications may be prescribed.
  7. There is a charge associated with the pressure check of $28.00. This is to cover the time of the technician who performs the test, the doctor who reviews the test results, as well as the expensive instrumentation. These "pressure checks" help us to closely monitor intraocular pressure while minimizing fees to you as these pressure checks cost much less than a full recheck examination.
  8.  Although we can usually perform the test upon your arrival, we ask that you call before coming. Once in awhile, we will all be unavailable for one of several reasons (emergency, patient care, continuing education, staff meeting, training). We would never want you to make a trip then be unavailable to you or to make you wait for us.

If there are any questions about the role of tonometry in your pet's care or about the logistics of how we perform these visits, please check with us in advance of your first pressure check visit.