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Reane works full-time as a receptionist at our Renton location. She worked in the veterinary field for nearly 7 years prior to joining Northwest Animal Eye Specialists in February of 2020 and also  has her veterinary medication clerk license. She says her favorite aspect of veterinary medicine is ensuring that our four legged friends and family members are healthy by maintaining a preventative posture when it comes to their health.

She strongly believes that everyone deserves pets as they provide us with true unconditional love! Reane has a short haired Tabby cat named Nene, a sassy Yorkshire Terrier named Sasha, and a mastiff mix named Zeke who thinks he’s a lap dog. Aside from ophthalmology, she takes a special interest in nutrition and is constantly researching what the best, most appropriate diet for her own pets would be. For example, her mastiff mix is allergic to pork and her yorkie is allergic to grains, so she tries to find a balance for them both as they tend to share meals, (not always willingly, Sasha can be a bit of a bully!). Reane is originally from the Philippines and she loves cooking, walking her dogs, and spending time with family.